"Your Outside
Engineering Department"
  I design reliable electronic products and provide my customers with all that they need: documentation, prototypes, small runs, contract manufacturer spin-up, continuing engineering and field/customer support.
How can I help you and your company?
  System Design/ System Architecture
  Deciding on what functionality is in hardware, what is in software, what is local and what is placed remotely. I work with you to decide these and other system-level decisions. Once we know what is to be done, I can knock off my tasks one-by-one to build up your solution.
  Electronics Design
  I bring years of experience designing, building, and setting into production: boards, panels, handheld units, motorized things, networked equipment, wireless modules, factory control equipment, and many other electronic devices.
  Software Design
  I work in the C, C++ embedded and additionally add C# in the windows environment. I have myriad devices and windows applications working everyday, solving problems and performing work for my customers.
  Microprocessor Design
  I have worked with many manufacturer's chips, and I specialize in the Microchip 32 bit, 16 bit, and the little Microchip parts. I am a Microchip Gold Design Partner, and the designs I have in the field won't go obsolete (thanks to Microchip's commitment to older parts).
  Communication Technologies
  I have a large number of boards out in the world communicating with other computing entities using hardware standards like Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS-232,rs422,rs485 and speaking software standards like TCP/IP, SSL, SMTP, ICMP, FTPS, SFTP, HID, and so on.
  Electric Design
  I have designed medical and industrial product's electrical systems as well. I have two of these products passed by TUV. I also have experience working with UL testing- both power and EMI conformance.
  PC Board Layout, Fabrication, Assembly
  I have the tools necessary to layout big boards, teeny boards, multi-layer boards, trivial boards, and painfully dense boards. I build my own prototypes and small production runs as well. When the time comes, I create production packages for the Contract Manufacturers to make large runs for my customers.
  The Ruff Designs Network
  I maintain a network of talented engineering professionals, suppliers, and contractors ready to assist in all phases of product development and support.


specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information by clicking here.



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