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Engineering Department"
  Cockpit Simulation Instruments
  This customer is in the cockpit training simulation business. I designed display boards, backlight bezel boards, and more than 20 controller boards powered by various processor sizes with various interface types, all of the firmware for these boards, and all of the Windows client applications for checkout. Interface documents, production documentation and production files were also generated for these controller boards.
  Medical Class III Fluidization Bed
  This customer is in the fluidized media medical bed business. I designed the system, the electric/ electronic design and packaging, the boards, the firmware, and worked with TUV to certify the bed. Additionally this customer makes an industrial sterilizer that is used to decontaminate the fluidizing media. I worked on the the system design, I designed the electric/electronic controls and worked with TUV to achieve lab conformance for this product.
  Commercial Networked Safe, Smart Cash Safe
  I worked over 10 years with this customer and designed the multi-user multi-door firmware for their commercial safe line controller, and the AES protected communications protocol for the safe network and the Ethernet networking. I designed two different power supplies- one low-cost and one Ethernet connected. I wrote the firmware, manuals, and Windows applications to remotely configure the safes. I designed the node processor controller board that allowed the safe to communicate with bill acceptors and I wrote the firmware to create the first generation of the customer's cash safe line. I created many test rigs, test programs, and I provided production liaison with contract manufacturers. I worked with offshore contract manufacturers in China to troubleshoot production lines there. I performed ESD testing and performed UL conformance testing to assist ongoing production of this customer's electronic lock products.
  Medical Electrode Testing
  This customer has a wearable electronic product that required electrode conductivity quantification. I designed and built a testing apparatus that allowed many electrodes to be tested in succession and their conductivity parameters saved.
  Solar Energy - Hybrid Lighting Sun Tracker
  This customer had an existing solar tracking product that needed firmware evaluation and continuation. I worked with this customer on the troubleshooting existing installations, supplying fixes for the firmware, additional hardware, and assisted in future planning of control systems.
  Commercial Pool Chemistry Control System
  This customer is in the commercial pool chemistry market. I designed their first pool controller that displayed using digital readouts and adding the ability to see measured values and setpoints displayed in various units.
  Space Systems Power Simulation and Testing Equipment
  This customer provided high performance solar array simulation and battery simulation for the Iridium global cellular communications system. I worked with this customer on their space systems products, designing firmware for low-level hardware and Windows code for various battery simulation, load simulation, telemetry, solar panel simulation, and top-level control apps.
  DC Test and Measurement Power Supply Ethernet Control
  This customer is in the test and measurement power supply business. I designed electronics and firmware to add Ethernet control to three of their DC power supply lines. I additionally worked with this customer to provide embedded web page control and to add LXI/VXI standard conformance into the firmware for these power supplies.
  Rack Mount Programmable AC Power Supplies
  I worked with this customer's marketing department to firm up the user interface for these newly launched AC power supplies. I designed the firmware, the SCPI control tree, The user manuals, and many production and test tools used by the techs in the manufacturing of these two different programmable AC power supplies.
  Medical Infusion Pump Communications Module

This customer had a line of medical infusion pumps. I worked with the customer-supplied communications protocol and created the firmware to incorporate this standard into three of this customer's pump lines.

  Create and Demonstrate Hospital Infrared Communications
  This customer wished to create a medical device communications system utilizing infrared communications. I designed the hardware and software necessary to interface between a ceiling infrared transponder and various infusion pumps. I demonstrated the infrared communications in operation.