"Your Outside
Engineering Department"
I specialize in being a one man shop.
That is what I mean by:
"Your Outside Engineering Department"
Ruff Designs brings to your Company:


Product Design   System Design
product appearance, functional spec, mechanical drawings, functions capture, display and menus, and design documents.   client and server assignment, communication requirements, big computer vs embedded assignments, power handling, low power specification, and remote query and control.
Electric Design   Electronic Design
Power design, power supply specification, panel design, wiring diagrams, wire lists, and prototype builds.   Digital and analog designs, low power designs, microprocessor specification, and communications planning and fit.
PCB Design   Software Design
I have been doing this for a long time, from simple to tough, and from single sided to multilayer.   C, C++, C# (for PC applications only), non-RTOS, RTOS, serial technologies, communication and peripheral support, various compilers, and various vendors.
Contract Manufacturer inputs   Prototype Generation
Assembly drawings, Board fab drawings and gerbers, wire lists, assembly instructions, test documents, and test applications.   Test and Debug, specification qualification, small quantity assembly, occasional field support, and purchasing.
Production tooling   Sustaining Engineering
Test rigs, Physical test equipment setups, documentation, and test applications.   Production run support, Customer assistance, telephone support, component cross reference support, obsolescence support.