"Your Outside
Engineering Department"


I have extensive design experience with NetBurner electronics and software. I have assisted customers that choose to procure a license from Netburner and I designed the customer's electronics. I have also added NetBurner modules to existing and new designs. I have been programming NetBurner cards and modules from the early days of the 5206e through and including the latest modules. I am familiar with the original build tree circa 1999/2000 through and including the latest library code with crypto, file system, and all of the extensive additions that have been added to the Netburner library over the years. I have added many enhancements to the NetBurner library for many customers.


I have designed many new designs centering around NetBurner electronics technologies with added interface logic, sub-processors, serial and parallel devices and busses. With designs in the security, test & measurement instrument/power, process control and industrial environments, I will provide you with the NetBurner-licensed original design or the module interface electronic solution you need to get the edge on your competition and stay ahead in your market.


With years of C, C++, and assembler experience, I will perform the software tasks you need for your NetBurner-based project starting with functional spec, requirements and design documents, testing documentation, design review submission documentation, the coding phase and the documentation follow-up. Many NetBurner projects and NetBurner-based products are operating with my code at the application level and at the device level today. I will train personnel, perform upgrades and enhancements, and provide ongoing code and product support for whatever duration you require. I have certified code in medical devices and code in many other products and systems that have to conform to requirements and standards, and your product will have that same quality designed in from the start to the finish.